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No NGP owner should go without seeing the mini game "Space Destroyer." Think of it as SNK's 'Space Balls' to Sega's 'Star Wars Arcade.'Sound 9Like the graphics, the quality and style of the music and SFX will fluctuate depending on what mini game or area you're playing.Inside Poke Kun's home you'll find background beeping, pinging, and other typical 'computer' sounds, and of course the doorbell (something you'll be hearing often).These can range from Atari 2600 quality dots and lines to fully animated fighting game characters.Some mini games are actually very impressive, sporting techniques like sprite warping, and even vector graphics to create a remarkable 3D feel.The first few you unlock are reminiscent of the dark ages of gaming - Pong clones, Breakout, Galaga, Space Invaders and plenty of simple lines for graphics.But each new page of mini games you unlock represents a different era, and you'll soon be running into clones of the 8 and 16-bit days, like Ghosts & Goblins, Tetris, Bomberman, Street Fighter, Fatal Fury and so on.Whenever you press the A button, the doorbell will ring.Generally when the door is opened, a person (or similar) enters the room, which can be good or bad.

" and a rather, how shall I put it -- lusty -- female voice.It's obvious that a lot of time was spent in creating this environment, as it's filled with tiny details from the floor mats and steaming teapot, to the girlie pin-ups on a wall of flashing circuit boards.The internal clock is even utilized to add to the detail, as the backdrop changes from day to night in real time.Graphics 9The visuals of Ganbare Neo Poke Kun are diverse and of varied quality, since the game is divided into so many different genres and styles.Much of the time spent playing is devoted to observing Poke Kun's home within your Neo Geo Pocket (if that doesn't make sense, just keep reading).

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