Two geminis dating each other speed dating south east suburbs

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The childlike Gemini and almost maternal Cancer are not supposed to pair well.

But I have personally seen many Cancer-Gemini couples make it to happy marriages. Well, it is very obvious but allow me to spell it out to you!

Also, the fact that Pisces are dreams and Aries are doers can actually work in this couple’s favor since Pisces will usually think about an idea and Aries will help materialize it, making both of them happy in their respective roles.

Also, many people can get tired of Gemini’s many faces and childlike behaviors. In fact, many Cancers feel protective of their Geminis and can lash out at you if you dare say anything against their beloved.

So these two should definitely give each other a chance.

But I have personally seen so many long-term successful marriages and relationships consisting of these two signs that it has really made me wonder if astrology is always right when it comes to such black and white assessment.

I have also seen many Geminis pair well with apparently incompatible horoscope signs like Virgo and Cancer, and Pisces and Aries couples having fun even though it’s not supposed to be written in the stars.

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