Updating nohost the hostname specified

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The specified MX must resolve to an IP address, or it will be ignored.

updating nohost the hostname specified-1

updating nohost the hostname specified-54

If there is an error, clients should communicate to the user a brief description of the problem that the return code indicates.Requests the MX in the previous parameter to be set up as a backup MX by listing the host itself as an MX with a lower preference value.YES activates preferred MX record pointed to hostname itself, NOCHG keeps the previous value, any other value is considered as NO and deactivates the corresponding -O-Matic distributes the update to the selected services in a separate process.A client must know its current public IP address and trigger updates when necessary.Clients can determine the current public IP via the operating system's network stack or via web detection, useful for private IPs (RFC 1918 space). Implementors MUST NOT hard code the IP for updates.as they may change from time to time.

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