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Friendly and upbeat, the British singer and actress has a lot to be excited about.Having made her film debut in the upcoming flick All Stars, Hylton is now busily working on new music, and a cookbook with recipes for children.“Ashley Walters plays my husband, which I was really excited about.I’d met him a few times before, and we’ve spent quite a few hours together during filming, so I’ve been able to get to know him quite well.It’s targeted at working mums, single mums and the mums who aren’t middle-class with all the time and money in the world.Some people aren’t educated on cheap and healthy food to cook for their children.MOTHER’S LOVE: Hylton with her daughter and inset, Hylton’s former partner, MC Harvey Seven years on, Hylton is understandably keen not to drudge up the past, but is gracious when addressing the saga.“My daughter is five years old and everyone’s moved on,” she says.

She’s resigned herself to the fact that her name remains affiliated with the Harvey-Alesha-Javine love triangle that earned her no end of negative press – “I know you have to cover it,” she accepts – but the self-professed “tough cookie” says the past has been put to rest by all concerned.Now extending her passion to the world of recipe books, Hylton is currently working on a cookbook.“I’m writing a recipe book of meals to cook for your children.The singer, who rose to prominence as a contestant on the ITV reality show Pop Stars: The Rivals, famously hit the headlines in 2006 when news broke that she had been having an affair with So Solid’s MC Harvey – who was married to Mis-Teeq’s Alesha Dixon at the time.The scandal rocked the showbiz world, earning both Hylton and Harvey a huge amount of negative press.

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