Whos dating evan rachel wood

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He would find me.”Manson’s erratic behavior isn’t just for show—in fact, he’s been accused of sexual misconduct before.

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This is why women hide in the shadows: For years we told women to their faces that we didn’t care if they were abused.

“Even though these experiences happened a decade ago, I still struggle with the aftermath.”“Marilyn Manson cutting himself 158 x’s when he called Evan Rachel Wood after breakup it’s not [love], it’s abuse,” Patricia Arquette tweeted on Thursday afternoon.

Arquette may be on to something, but regardless, we need to keep holding men responsible for their inexcusable behavior, and we need more strong role models like Evan to blaze the trail for other survivors to come forward.

Evan Rachel Wood was raped twice, she revealed in a new interview. By a significant other while we were together,” the “Westworld” star recently told Rolling Stone.

“And on a separate occasion, by the owner of a bar …

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