Wifi validating identity dynex

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There are three devices that we require for this tutorial: The user certificate is required to authenticate the user, the root CA certificate is required in case you created your own certificate authority.We’ll start with the creation of a user certificate.In case you get the error “No certificate file found on SD card” then A) your Android device doesn’t support the file format for the certificates that you copied or B) you copied the certificates to the wrong storage device. Keep the default or rename it to something else and press OK. You can verify that your Android device recognizes the certificates.Select Trusted credentials if you want to take a look.Click on Start Certificates and you will see the user certificate that we generated for the Android user.Click on the Android user certificate (right mouse click) and select Export.

We will export this user certificate and import it to our Android device.Select Yes, export the private key and click Next to continue. I already covered how to export the root CA in my other tutorial for installing PEAP and EAP-TLS on Windows Server 2008.In the next screen you will have to choose the file format. Take a look at the Configure Wireless Client section to see how you can export the root CA to a filename.I will use Web enrollment for this as it’s probably the most convenient method of enrolling user certificates. Enter the credentials of the user account that requires a certificate. Click on the request a certificate button to continue.There is no need for advanced options, click on user certificate to continue.

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