Xbmc movie database not updating

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Follow the instructions in DSM to complete the installation.Configure My SQL for XBMC In my previous guide we manual created the SQL databases for XBMC, with version 12.0 the databases will automatically created by XMBC.Also the watched-state of your media is distributed across your devices.I’m using a Synology Disk Station but you can use virtually anything which is capable running a My SQL server instance, for more information about how to install My SQL on your platform visit there website: XBMC file locations First take a look at where XBMC place the configuration files, later we need to edit some of them and place some additional files.If you want to use the shared library options later you must keep in mind this location must be accessible from all of these devices.

That’s it, your database server is ready to serve XBMC.It’s been a while since my last blog as I’ve had a pretty busy time recently so I’m glad to be back.I am using a T8-AML-V3 Android box in this example, if you have a different system, the basic process shown is the same but please make sure when it comes to downloading the latest version of kodi that you chose the right one for your system.It should look like this; You must replace ***.***.***.*** with the ip-address of your My SQL database server.You can download a sample file here: advancedsettings (rename the file extension to .xml).

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