Yahoo personals dating scam artist

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This may not be a scam but the profile posters don’t have to indicate what they were sent up the river for.

You may be told that their only crime was insider trading but the reality might be that they are a violent sex offender.

Both use similar methods to lure unsuspecting into complex webs of deceit.

A good con artist will take his or her time to woo you into complacency.

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A con artist might tell you that they’d love to meet you but they just can’t afford the trip.

If you start sending money there will be more and more requests for additional funds.

Think of this as a hole you are throwing good money down because you will never meet this woman, she might not even be a woman at all, she may be married to someone but she almost certainly doesn’t really love you. Did you know that convicts reciding in prison can post their profiles on websites? Some of these prisoners are sex offenders and some are even rapists. While these inmates can’t post directly to the websites themselves, there are organizations with their own websites that allow convicts to send their profiles to them via the US Mail and they post their profiles online for them.

A better plan might be for you to suggest visiting them instead and see what reaction that has.

Sending money, especially to someone abroad, is an extremely risky and unwise idea.

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