Zak efron dating

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As a general rule of thumb, a gay/bi rumor only “sticks” to a star when there is an element of truth connected to the gossip.

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zak efron dating-4

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Perhaps the most vapid and shallow reason of all that fuels gay and bi rumors about Zac Efron relates to his looks.

We’ve covered this handsome star in the past on the blog in an effort to help readers better understand who Efron is and offer context about why these gay/bi rumors exist.

While some of the Zac Efron gay rumors can be traced to the usual suspects, such as wishful thinking on the part of some gay men, many other causes directly relate to things Zac Efron has done or said.

On the surface, that may not sound like a big deal until you consider that Rodriguez has been the subject of bi rumors for many years. Whenever an actor is close to another dude, it’s called a bromance. And it seems sometimes Efron will purposely lean into his male friendships with others as a way of igniting chit-chat about his sexual orientation. The two hung out with one another in Hawaii, replete with shirtless pictures and smiles.

In fact, she acknowledged she’s gone “both ways” and has come out as bi to the press. We’re not saying they are boyfriends nor is anyone else.

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